Spinnin’-N-Winnin’: Deuce Ellis ‘Nothing is Sacred’ EP


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It’s your boy, Gabriel, bringing the good word on music and sounds this time around. Today I want you to be ready for an album of 2015 that I feel is Spinnin’-N-Winnin’. ‘Nothing is Sacred’ can make your mind wander, all the while wondering why Deuce Ellis has not become worldwide common knowledge. By Friday the 13th, anyone with an eardrum will want to be found scrolling through the seven track titles so they can name which one is there favorite of the ‘Nothing is Sacred’ EP.

Deuce Ellis, a Brooklyn, New York native, has been on the Underground Hip Hop scene for some time now with on point delivery and beat riding talent that caught my eye and ear a few years ago at Purdue University – West Lafayette. As a traveling artist, his talent was noticeable then and after following his growth through the Underground Hip Hop world via Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Great musical production by DJ Mario Bee, Evil Science, LcSlak, Lo Double, and Te’Amir combined with his own artistic voice and strange approach, The Cult will keep you captured beginning to end. As an artist, Deuce Ellis has been standing by his own agenda of pleasure and free living, there are no restraints needed when rollin’ with Deuce Ellis and the Cult. The album title ‘Nothing is Sacred‘ is more of a creed to live by as guilty pleasures of sound and lyrics connect Ellis to his fans.

Admission of guilt and awareness of your own desires is synonymous to the Head and the Heart. In this album each track signifies various explanations of the Cult and what it feeds off of. Feeling guilty doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel wrong for what you do, think, or feel. Deuce represents the judged, the classed, and the survival of sinners in a world of criticizing minds and thoughts. All seven tracks push the envelope by wanting you to “Tell Your Children” that “Nothing is Sacred” in regards to sex, drugs, and society’s labeling of what they’re too afraid to try. If you’re not familiar with Deuce Ellis’ style, it’s unique and entertaining. It is quite clear that you will not be bored with this album so lets take a look at each track!

Track 1: Holy Colors

Deuce reveals a track where “The Nobodies Meet”. A real intimate and sexual feel that let’s you know “words are a waste, body language outspoken.” Seductive melody with an electronic sound, Holy Colors has a deep house feel blended with a repetitiously catchy tune. The Shine Different from the Rest  tag line seems to play on contradictions a bit but in a slick demeanor. Songs of women and sex have been overdone with new age hip hop but the first track of Nothing is Sacred introduces Ellis’ own way of sensuality amongst sexuality. Not your typical rap-grind-booty shake track. It is more of a welcoming by an open armed congregation…of seducing fun-ness.

Track 2: Shaman

The second track on this album is a supernatural feeling, so be ready to take a journey deeper into the Cult. God and ganja collide on this feel good hypnosis, “With a promise of freedom to all the believers.” This is a smooth sounding track until the end where Deuce speeds his flow up a bit, prepping you for the third track and proving his versatile style and sound are entering an enlightenment phase of the album.

Track 3: Collection Plate

I recently received an insight to Deuce’s young life where he once preached a sermon in front of a church congregation as a child and unbeknownst to him, the collection plate passed around during his sermon was collected for him. The good graces continue on the track where he delivers a bouncy rap flow over a cool East Coast sound. The lyrics are an acclamation of gracious thanks juxtaposed by a boasting Ellis, telling us to “stand by now” as he makes his mark on the game. I’m telling you, this guy is going to be worldwide soon. Paying homage to his roots, Deuce “did it for the ‘Have-nots’, to let em know that they can have lots.” He’s a nothing to something kind of guy who will no doubt be receiving tidings for his words once more. Preach it Deuce!

Track 4: Third Chapel

The darker side of the Cult comes out with this song. “The voice” is mentioned in this opening track, reaching across the black abyss giving motion to all things. Gotta love the deep metaphor of Deuce Ellis, being the voice and touching on a world where all is out to get you. The “gotta keep my blade sharp” mindset shows in short of four minutes the preparedness of Ellis entering a world  of lust, crime, and business.  All is out to get you including systematic institutionalization of the people. Your mind is a weapon, and wisdom of the game can help you stay afloat as you continue in a world where ‘Nothing is Sacred’.

Track 5: Book of the Ded

This is to be the main single of the EP where Ellis looks to shine. Mario Bee helps hold this track together with the production. Using strings with cunning sound, Mario Bee’s work is complemented by Deuce bringing an “in your dreams” success story to the track. The single ‘Book of the Ded’ opens your eyes to how the Cult is living. If it don’t make sense to you, it don’t matter. You have to understand that the Cult makes up its own laws and rules. By going against the norm in his day to day, Deuce is telling you to do what you gotta do to enjoy your life and succeed. Using the Book of the Ded as a guide to life, Ellis has an image of the degenerate-despicable individual proving to remain on top, even if it means taking harsh judgement or criticism. Deuce is the leader of the Cult and if heavy lies the crown, it’s no wonder you can catch Deuce nodding to his music…don’t feel bad when you do to.

Track 6: Dirty Parables

Probably my favorite track of the EP because of the cool piano melody, snare tap rap cadence, and killer violin loop. I’d be a fool to say the religious metaphors are not impressive as well but that never fails. It’s almost like he is his own lyrical competition throughout the EP. A play on words of the Jacob’s Ladder parable by referencing it as Jacob’s Escalator, Deuce shows that through steady work and faith he’s destined to get what’s his all the while competition’s trying to keep up. This track puts into perspective both sides of life’s spectrum that Deuce Ellis draws from; through struggles of biblical contradictions and lowlife surroundings and an immense drive to succeed regardless of where you come from. His involvement in the rap game is expressed by a religious revelation theme of world’s end and the references are pretty nasty in this one. The Dirty Parables track is a confirmation of the understanding of the Cult. Now make way for the closer…

Track 7: Godspeed

Effortlessly as God made Earth, ‘Godspeed’ seems so easily produced and performed. This track is preluded by an explanation of the journey taken throughout the album and the message is to live free and enjoy what you’ve earned or experienced, Lord willing. For Deuce the payoff is the satisfaction of a successful EP and accomplishment of hard working talent. For the listener, it’s the smoothest and coolest outro one could ask for. Let the Cult release you back into your humdrum life or set this album on repeat and stay in tune with what I consider a classic. “Forgive us for our sinning and this life that we livin’. We just working with what we was given.” Deuce, my friend, your work is worth your weight in gold.

All in all, the album is worth listening to and dare I say it, something to “Tell your children” about! Be ready for Friday the 13th! Something dangerous awaits you…but this danger is worth the risk. Go get you some Cult Life and remember…Nothing is Sacred.


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