Johnny Johnny Whoops

Back in the day I played Johnny Johnny Whoops./ Didn’t know Once upon a time a Johnny mocked crooks/ Coppin then droppin’ dimes got Johnny Johnny booked/ whoops Johnny Johnny whoops Johnny Johnny whoops.

Did a little bid now Johnny prolly hooked/ on thinking hella crooked. Lookit, Johnny got hooked/ on sellin junkies in the bing that Johnny rock, cooked/ laced base wit light trace of drywall, Johnny Johnny pushed!

His baby momma snuck it stuffed all up in her tush/ but the Boys from outside knew Johnny got pushed/ to tell all at the precinct, now they got shook/ warden lessened his sentence like happily wrote books/

Johnny got out, now Johnny Johnny looks/ over both his shoulder cuz Johnny got spooked/ Heard from homies up the block that Johnny’s not cool/ Cool Johnny, Johnny’s Cool? Johnny’s not cool./

They bounced on ol’ girl who used to stop and drop books/ back in the pen when Johnny got booked/ Bashed her all up and told the baby’s mother “Look!/ Tell us where Johnny’s mom took Johnny. Mami, Mami! Look!”/

Pulled out the piece, she’s thinking that these cops crooks/ Now she stands in the place that Johnny once stood/ To snitch or not to, but do they really got proof?/ Then they rolled to the spot where Johnny’s got crews/

of hella stupid homies who don’t know about school,/ unless it’s hardknocks, then they rule the classroom/ With Hood Economics the only education’s cook/ and I ain’t talkin’ bout food, I ain’t talkin’ bout food./

But the boys in the van, damn how they got looks,/ peeping through binoculars, vests bullet proof/ Planning to tear down the house where Johnny’s got cooks/Cook Johnny Johnny, Cooks, Johhny got Cooks/

Sent her to the front door with plenty cash pushed/ in her bra strap, knocked then Johnny Johnny looked./ swung the door open & out the van they swooped/ swooped on Johnny Johnny, Johnny got swooped/

Down on his knees, Johnny screaming, “Don’t shoot!”/ but one of the Cooks made a really bad move/ Grabbed for a heater with plenty shots, boom/ Whoops Johnny Johnny whoops Johnny Johnny whoops/

When all the smoke cleared we seeing Johnny’s life took/ but also one cop dropped from the reckless shot Cook/ who’s serving life- no parole, so he steady rock push/ hooked prolly, prolly hooked, the cook he always cooks.


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