Grey and Pink

She said she wanted to hear my words.

Words that made her feel worth, amazing.

She was grey. Gloomy grey with pink cheeks.

Those hopelessly high cheek bones peaked pink

on a grey face. Pink like roses, pink like pinched skin.

Her glowing hazel eyes pooled, creeping to the eyelids edge.

Her tears shook, magnifying the pink under her eyes.

Pink like hot palms, pink like my tongues tip,

where my words sat still. Not leaping into the air

like a high diver who pierces the still waters

quicker than those hazel eyes pierced my peripherals.

My eyes tug-of-warred between hazel and the television

screen and her tightened grey face stayed more still

than my tight gripped hand— heart beat pushing

between plastic remote and my pinky’s tip.

As the once pointless words spewed from the speakers

They mixed with my mother’s words.

Tell me that you care…to save so much time for yourself…

I want to know how you feel about me if I were to pass away…

for only $19.99 you can have it all, but wait there’s more…

I want to hear it while I’m still alive…with no effort at all,

you can save time and essentially keep that young look.

Add ten years back on to…my life. What will you remember

about me when I am gone?


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