This Is Your Conscience

You think rap is crap then feed into the bullshit/ You say hands up don’t shoot, then brag your friends have full clips./ Hatin’ corporations, biggest ratchet in their tool kit./ Orange you glad Apple made you go bananas? Fruitless./ You claim Immortal Technique had some real cool discs?/ Gettin’ mad at bigots, while your race jokes crack up cool kids./

You being broke while clubbing ain’t really the coolest./ Wait, you’ve been clubbing since you were a high school kid?/ Nowadays we lack sense and kindness where the school is./ Billions of mini Bill Gates get bugged by the bullies/ Pressure in the press, sure to be crazy- sexy- cool. It’s/ marketed in media, sexualize high schoolers.

Don’t forget, shaming refugees at Christmas time ain’t foolish./ Put Christ back in Christmas just don’t tell me that he’s Jewish/ Run contradiction run, brain’s muscle? Then you pulled it./ Bank on fat cells where blacks dwell, for black friends you’re so cool. Just/ have a seat, let the deep thoughts drown out the clueless/ Torro sees red, the Matador slips in his bullshit/ tore his leg, gored his head- horns pierced him like some bullets/ take shots at society, kill torro. That’s the ruling.

Fairness, none. Dare this bum get a job where you live./ Bet your ass employer’s asked to get him out our you’ll quit./ Back in the day your favorite adlib… Oh Leh Do It!/ Lemme broadcast this live to all of the cool cliques./ Take a look at yourself, Your selfie stick’s at a full click/ As fooled as a fool gets, like Kaepernick and full blitz/ you can’t recognize that it’s bad to take the full hit./ Reality’s not real cuz your god ain’t my God? Cool it/ Redemption train’s in town, holy rollers ride the pulpit./ If rap is crap, you’re the Charmin roll that I’m pulling.


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