Where has the time gone?


California’s hazy sky is a thick sherbet

with a yawn of light peek-a-booing through clouds

as the Sun sinks like a golden wafer,








into the syrupy Pacific blue.


Where do you go when you sleep, oh setting Sun?

Do you dream in ocean deep slumber among schools of fish

who twist and swarm as they swiftly tour your lighted path?


There are burly brown sea lions that sneak peaks at oysters

who bolster by slick rocky shores on the bay.

These sea lions liken to the deep sea unfrightened

for they’re not near sharks toothily seeking out prey.


Yellow sleepy Sun, do you dance in the depths where

seaweed arms stretch as waves sway?

The whales below bellow a song saying hello.

Sun, do you bid them adieu?


Or do you sing warm incanting to the urchins in passing

whose stagnancies stubbornly spurn your thrilled play?

They’re simple and still while you still simply kill

time in a dreamland. Oh, where has the time gone today?


Rising, Sun witnesses the world’s vast distances

wondering how long it must stay awake.

To be in a dreamland where beautiful sea life

allows it to see life of the different species, why

on Earth would the Sun need time of day?


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