Truth Serum

Party life is cool on the beach and on a boat,
put a keg in the sand, do a handstand drink and smoke.
In about 3 hours though I gotta be at work.
Drop some wings in a fryer. Damn, the boss is payin’ dirt.
No focus, no goals, except gettin’ high,
now the highest I get paid ain’t enough to get me by.
I once took an oxy and followed it with gin
feelin’ so clean, didn’t know that it was heroin.
Sid said the pill I snorted was the lowest I had been.
Felt ashamed for half an hour ‘til it started kicking in.
My hometown was my excuse just to give in.
Rolled so many Ls, started catching ‘em with friends.
Why think making love aint as good as drunken sex?
Probably cuz no one’s sober and gettin’ with each other’s ex.
Out here nobody’s fluent in the language of love but
we understand dope and cheap drinks ain’t real drugs.
A homie pulled me aside and said that ain’t the truth
just for who you roll with, smarten up your crew.
Josue Espinosa made me open up my eyes-
that’s why he’s still around, real friendship never dies.
High key, no low. That man helped save my life.
I was itchin’ for prescriptions, while Josue was gettin’ by
doing good in college tryna work toward his degree.
Meanwhile, I almost died from beer pong and triple Cs.
Not a lot of people know the dumbest things I did,
But if I put it on a track maybe I can save some kids.
Life is but a dream, wake up and start to live.
Realize living life fast only ends it quick.

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