Prejudice Precedence

Another soul gone.


Dear America,

You killed them.

It was a life and then it wasn’t.

You killed them,

hiding behind laws and a precedence of prejudice.

You killed them.

Mothers, brothers, sister, fathers, aunt, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends.

And for what?

By basing your judgement off history’s hate, subconscious fears that were built over years,

You killed them.

As they lay dying, as their loved ones are crying…you stay justifying

your actions on black men and women, subtract them

from this world. You mad men,

You killed them.

Prejudice precedence stays killing my family.

Court systems will damn me as media spins a web full of stories.

You killed them.

They drop dead as flies, as flies fly above eyes

wide open at skies while their souls ask, “Why did I die?”

Prejudice precedence, You killed them.

Irresponsible fears raised by ignorant hate,

You. Killed. Them.


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