To a Friend who Served

Today they lay you to rest and I haven’t quite figured out how to stop thinking about our last time together. You had just come back home and I was doing who knows what at that point in life. I remember thinking how you changed, a bit more mature but different. I was happy for you, Nate. I was happy to see you and was mad that I hadn’t kept up with you as often as when we were in school. It will be one of my very few regrets in life…

Because time passes on and apparently so do amazing people. Some we shouldn’t have to lose because we can’t help but to think, “I’d just like one more moment with them.”

It is in these moments where a perfect part of friendship makes life that much better or bearable. You were one of those moments, Nate. This country should be honored to have had a person like you sacrifice your time and dedication to serve in their military.

Thank you for letting me experience life as your friend. Thank you for offering your services to this country. A bravery such as yours will forever be remembered.


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